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So, now that dreamscaperuins has finished Lost and is now lolling in the lingering peaceful feeling that comes after the finale, I figured now would be an opportune time to post a picspam of my favorite Sawyer/Juliet moment -- their finale reunion.

Most of this will be under the cut. Aside from the picspam, I've also included: video of the moment, as well as a couple choice instrumental tracks from the Lost original score, composed by Michael Giacchino.

Juliet: Can I help you?
Sawyer: It's okay. I'm, uh... I'm a cop. [shows badge]
Juliet: Maybe you should read the machine its rights.
Sawyer: [smirks] That's funny.
Juliet: Mm. [smiles] Can I tell you a secret?
Sawyer: Please.
Juliet: If you unplug it, and then you plug it back in again? The candy just drops right down.

So here we have the beginning of what has become my favorite scene of this entire series. "Detective Ford" has gone looking for some food, and gets into a fight with a vending machine that won't release his candy bar. "Doctor Carlson" walks up, and I LOVE the look on his face when he notices her -- his eyes kinda do the up-and-down glance, and he's got that look on his face like, "Whoa, beautiful woman. Hi." They begin to banter in that adorably Sawyer/Juliet manner.

Sawyer: Is that right.
Juliet: Yes. And it's technically legal.
Sawyer: Oh. I'll give that a shot.

So Sawyer goes to unplug the machine, and somehow succeeds in cutting the lights in that room, while Juliet watches and waits for the candy to drop.

Sawyer: Oops.
Juliet: [giggles] It worked.

He gets the cutest look on his face when he says 'oops,' and rightfully, she giggles, bending down to scoop up his freed candy bar.

Juliet: Uh...
Sawyer: Whoa. [pause, they stare at each other] Did you feel that?

She holds out the candy bar to him and as he takes it, their hands touch. This of course starts off the flashes -- the first one is brief: the two of them kissing in "La Fleur," and then smiling at each other near the water. When the flash ends, they're both noticeably taken aback. They both stand up quickly and step back from each other. They stare at each other for a moment, both obviously trying to figure out what the flash was or if that even really happened. Sawyer asks her if she felt it too.

Juliet: We should get coffee sometime.
Sawyer: I'd love to but that machine ate my dollar, I only got one left.
Juliet: [smiles] We could [flash of her finishing in "LAX"] go dutch.

Juliet kinda stares at him for a moment, and then decides to test the waters. She takes a couple steps toward him and says the coffee line she said to him in "LAX." Sawyer steps forward as well and makes a joke about only having a dollar. She giggles and completes the line, saying they could go dutch. Then, she grabs his hand again.

This sets off another chain reaction of flashes, all of their time together in Dharmaville in the 70s, when they lived together. Through it all, it keeps flashing back to them struggling to figure out what it is they're seeing.

They both see flashes of Juliet falling down into the open pit where the hatch was to be built, and Sawyer watching her fall.

Sawyer: ...Juliet? Juliet, it's... it's me.

When they come out of it, Sawyer remembers. He stares at her in shock, calling to her softly as Juliet continues to struggle.

Sawyer: It's me, baby. I gotcha. I gotcha, baby.

Juliet, remembering as well, breaks down and wraps her arms around him. Sawyer holds her while she cries, still looking shocked as he runs his hand through her hair and tells her he's got her. He calls her 'baby' which is SO FRIGGIN' CUTE I could die. Not only that, but he starts to cry too. THESE TWO. THEY ARE SO FUCKING EPIC. I CAN'T EVEN.

She pulls away, still crying, and there's a lot of face touching and arm-touching and it's just... it's so damn beautiful seeing the physical manifestation of how they struggle and then come to terms with remembering. Especially Juliet. Kind of like, she's so overwhelmed she just doesn't know what to do with her hands. Eventually, she starts to laugh tearfully and he cups her face. And oh my God you guys, his SMILE in that last cap. He is SO. HAPPY. TO BE WITH HER AGAIN. He was never that goofy/adorkable/romantic with Kate, never, and this is why these two own me. Just LOOK at what Juliet does to him. It's SO beautiful.

Juliet: [laughing, tearful] Kiss me, James.
Sawyer: You got it, Blondie.

OH MY GOD. And this was the moment my heart kinda stopped, and I began full-out breaking down. Seriously. I started getting emotional during the Charlie/Claire reunion, but this just completely bowled me over with its beauty. I think it was one of the most emotional "reunions" of that entire episode. A close second was the aforementioned Charlie/Claire reunion, but this one still takes the cake. She giggles, calls him "James" (♥♥♥) and tells him to kiss her. He gets such a loving, devoted look on his face as he complies, calling her "Blondie."

And then there's the big epic kiss. I have watched all of these reunion scenes a bazillion times over, and this was by far the longest kiss/most tearful reunion out of all of them. Jack and Kate weren't even this emotional. This was the point that this couple just completely took over my soul, and I was kind of a wreck from that moment through the end of the finale. GUH. ♥♥

And just because a picspam and thorough examination wasn't enough, here's the video (password to view is 'blondie'):

We should get coffee sometime. from airlocking on Vimeo.

Finally, here are a couple choice tracks from the various "Lost" soundtracks -- one is the Sawyer/Juliet theme from "La Fleur," and the other is the instrumental piece that always gets the emotions going during those long, slow montages -- it's called "Life and Death." You can either download or listen to the tracks:
La Fleur \\ composed by Michael Giacchino
Life and Death \\ composed by Michael Giacchino

Hope you enjoyed the picspam of my Lost OTP (and the extra goodies I threw in). Comments are always appreciated. ♥
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